One-Line Bio

I'm the Senior Partner of Ginkgo Studios and it's subsidiaries. Here, we live, breath and sleep photography.


At Ginkgo Studios, we live and breath photography. It’s what drags us out of bed in the morning and what enables us to sleep well at the end of the day (or sometimes, after a couple of days). The only thing in life I am more passionate about, is my family...

The thing we love almost as much as photography itself is sharing what we know with like minded people. And of course learning wherever and whenever we can. If ever I feel that there is nothing left to learn, my wife has in writing, the authority to give me a right old kick up the arse.

So who am I? Stewart R Smith BSc (Hons); BMS, Senior Partner of Ginkgo Studios and its subsidiaries. I have a fantastic team here and thankfully / luckily, all with the same mindset as myself, but each bringing their own unique aspects, skill and ideas into the mix.

The driver behind our blog is pretty simple. Share, comment, learn, collaborate. We totally believe in the sense of community and are active in numerous communities around the world, when we have the time available. Often we make the time, as it is that important to us both as a team and as individuals. We also contribute to two charities that are very close to our hearts. Naomi House, Children’s Hospice and the Hampshire Air Ambulance. Both utterly essential services that for whatever mind numbing reason, are not state funded - Shame on you state.

We’re always interested in hearing from, talking to and meeting like minded people. So don’t hold back on coming forward and getting involved.


music, my family, writing, flying, windsurfing, obviously photography